Visual NoSQL Query Tool

The funql-UI is free and open-source. It is a NoSQL query tool with a simple user interface for interactive query execution.  Visual-Funql displays the results as Json Documents.

Downloadable versions for the Funql-UI

You can contribute to the project by visiting Funql development at
The tutorial for the Funql-UI is here.


Use the menu to manage connections. The left pane is for your queries, the right pane diplays the results.


  1. This is the editing area for queries. Press Ctrl-Enter to edit the query under the cursor. Funql queries do not need to be terminated with a semicolon. Simply put an empty line between to queries to separate them.
  2. This is the result pane. The results are shown in Json-format.
  3. The connection menu. Here you can open and close database connections.
  4. The file menu. Here you can open/save query files and you can save the query results.